The Wave Is Coming - Let's Learn How to Surf It | Tobias & Bertan | Job Board Summit 2019
Tobias is a firm believer in that there is more potential within us all waiting to be unlocked. A Biotech engineer and a Yale alumnus, he co-founded Talent Eye in 2010, scouting tech talent from the most prominent universities throughout Scandinavia.

Now as a Vice President of AppJobs and President of The AppJobs Institute, he and his team are striving to make an impact on the future of work through data-driven insights. Tobias is leading Gig Economy Research, Analysis and Data Generation for decision-makers and researchers worldwide.

Tobias has been named one of the top talents in Sweden in Swedish Business Press.

Tobias provides insights about the market you should understand to see where we are going.

Bertan is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of AppJobs. Having an electronics engineering background, he enjoys building scalable digital solutions with international teams. For Bertan, people matter.

Started in 2017, is the world’s largest community of gig workers with 600k+ members across 250+ cities, adding 10k+ members every week. The platform allows its members to find, compare, rate and review all app-based jobs in their vicinity. In the future of work, AppJobs is each gig-worker’s digital companion and the gig-industry’s global HR-partner.

Bertan has successfully built community-driven digital platforms in recruitment, sports data and igaming industries and has lived and worked in five different countries during the past 10 years.

Bertan talks about what AppJobs has done, including the performance model and the fundamental difference around speed of transaction.