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Tuesday June 25th 2019

Job Board Summit - North America | Day 1


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Keynote: The Unconscious Bias of Hiring Algorithms

Miranda Bogen - Senior Policy Analyst, Upturn

Summary: Will artificial intelligence prevent discrimination in hiring, or amplify it? Hiring algorithms are touted as tools to mitigate human bias, but they can come with powerful risks of their own. Miranda will illuminate the ways new hiring tools can entrench bias, and offer actionable advice for vendors and employers.


Growth Alchemy: Fuel Your Business with Culture and Capital

Rob Kornblum - Founder,

Summary: All Start-up businesses need amazing people, as well as sufficient capital, to grow and scale. Come learn the insider secrets to how to attain both from Rob Kornblum, former VC, recruitment executive (Monster, Bullhorn), best-selling author, and entrepreneur coach.


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In the Beginning: How 3 Sites Survived and Thrived

Sara Sutton - CEO and Founder, Flexjobs
Matt Lucas - Co-founder and President, JobMonkey
Andrea Olivari - Head of International, Adzuna

Jeff Dickey-Chasins - The Job Board Doctor (Moderator)

Summary: Starting a new job board isn't easy. We'll speak with Sara Sutton, founder of FlexJobs, Matt Lucas, founder of JobMonkey, and Andrea Olivari, head of international for Adzuna, about their experiences in launching their sites - the challenges they faced, the obstacles they overcame, and how they have continued to thrive despite the ups and downs of the recruiting market. This session is an excellent chance to gain insight from your industry peers!



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Jobseekers with Disabilities: We Aren't Just Who You Imagine.

Julie Sowash - Senior Consultant, Disability Solutions

Summary: In this session, Julie, herself a person with hidden disabilities, focuses on creating a clear image of disability in our world. In the United States, 1 in 4 Americans has a disability and of those 70% are hidden. Disability is intersectional not just in types of disabilities, but across all demographics. When you understand who we are, we can start to support employers in attracting and engaging the diverse range of talent and experience in Julie's community.


The European Candidate vs the US Candidate

Maaike Kooter - Manager Business Innovation, Intelligence Group

Summary: Really knowing your candidate is key to successful recruitment. With the Global Talent Acquisition Monitor (GTAM) Intelligence Group gains insights on every target group on the labour market: where are they looking for jobs? What are they looking for? What do they expect? How to reach the passive jobseeker? There are a lot of differences between groups, based on their occupation, education level and country. We see that the use of this target group information in vacancies and choosing the right media-mix helps improving effectiveness of recruitment enormously. Maaike Kooter will show the power of data and discusses the differences and similarities between the US and European Labour market and candidates.


The Career Landscape, Transformed, Automation & Evolving Jobseekers.

Adam Deif - Head of Industry, Google

Summary: The careers landscape is transforming on multiple fronts. Automation is driving significant change across industries, job seeker expectations and behavior are evolving, and privacy is at the forefront of how users and businesses interact online. As a result, job board marketers will require new ways to weather the careers landscape as it transforms.


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How One Word Can Influence Thousands of Searches!

Katrina Kibben - CEO and Founder, Three Ears Media

Summary: For so long, practitioners guessed how to write a better job posting without understanding that the difference of one word can influence thousands of searches to your job posting. We'll tackle the status quo, the statistics and strategic tactics your customers can take to write better job postings.


Disruptive: How College Recruiter Is Successfully Transitioning Its People, Process, Product, and Customers from Duration to Performance-Based Advertising

Faith Rothberg - CEO, College Recruiter
Steven Rothberg - Founder, College Recruiter

Summary: Like the canary in the coal mine, entry-level, niche job boards like College Recruiter feel and must quickly adapt to changing market conditions. What started as an opportunity to sell $50,000+ of leads and clicks to two customers three years ago became U.S.-based College Recruiter's growth opportunity and has become its key differentiator and driver of revenue, profits, and more than a few headaches along the way. If you're struggling with whether, when, and how to transition your customers to CPC or even CPA, this candid and at times humorous session is one you can't miss.


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Day One End

Wednesday June 26th 2019

Job Board Summit - North America | Day 2


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Trends in Talent Acquisition Tech

Jonathan F. Kestenbaum - Managing Director, Talent Tech Labs

Summary: Jonathan will be discussing the five dominant trends that will occur in 2019-20 in the Talent Acquisition sector. He will provide examples of which companies are represented in each of the trends discussed.


Recruiting Automation


Text Messaging and Chatbots - How Can Job Boards Profit from This Tech?

Jonathan Duarte - Founder, GoHire

Summary: We've all heard the noise about Text Messaging and Recruiting Chatbots, but is your job board capitalizing on this new technology? If you have job seekers on your website, you can profit from both text messaging and recruiting chatbots. In this session, Jonathan will lay out the foundation of the technology, the opportunities, some examples, and what you need to do to get started.


Designing a Conversational Personality That Represents Your Brand

Max Armbruster - CEO and Founder, Talkpush

Summary: A properly designed recruitment chatbots improve candidates' sentiment towards your brand. Talkpush CEO Max Armbruster shares design tips and lessons learned from millions of chatbot conversations held across multiple channels.


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Employer Panel

Jessica Miller-Merrell - Founder, Workology (Moderator)

Employer panel to be announced


What's Going on with Google Jobs? And What's Next?

Bill Fanning - Chief Revenue Officer, Jobiak

Summary: Bill Fanning discusses the advantages and the challenges of using Google for Jobs. He also talks about how to optimize jobs on Google for the best performance, and also how Google for Jobs ranks among Job boards and Job Search engines.


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