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Job Alerts

Earn revenue from your candidate data with email alerts.

Stop struggling to target only a minority of your database who visit online, and start engaging all your candidates.

We deliver your candidates the best matching jobs straight to their inbox, whilst each interaction is money in your bank.

Give us your candidate list and branding. We take care of the rest behind the scenes.
A Better Candidate Experience
Jobg8 Alerts delivers your candidates the latest jobs that best match their search criteria via email. And, because Jobg8 Alerts are sent to candidates who have requested them, this means higher engagement.

Earn Additional Revenue
No additional effort required by you. Sit back and let your candidates earn you extra money for each interaction.

Already Have Jobs by Email?
No problem. We can compliment your existing alerts combining your own jobs with our revenue generating vacancies.

Easy to Setup
Simply send your email job alerts list, your branding and we will get you started. Alternatively we can fully integrate with your database. The choice is yours.

We Are Not Your Competitor
Because we do not deal with candidates, we have no interest in registering them. Your data is secure and safe with us.

Unmatchable Job Matching
We have 20 years of job matching experience to deliver job vancanies to candidates. Jobs are closely matched based on targeted search criteria.
Want to get in touch?
Whether you are interested in joining our network, or would like to
book a Job Board summit ticket, just drop us a message.