About us

How does Jobg8 work?

Jobg8 is an extensive network of job boards, job aggregators and affiliates sites. (affiliates are websites with passive and active job seekers; whose main business is not job advertising – i.e. TV stations, Radio Stations, Governing bodies, Social Media etc)

When buying from us we will publish your jobs to as many relevant websites as possible to attract high quality job seekers to your roles. In reverse we want to buy quality job seeker traffic whilst enabling job websites to provide a quality range of job adverts to their clients.

Our international reach, which focuses on local jobs for local people, means we can provide job seekers OR job vacancies globally. Our largest countries are US & Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria. Do get in touch if you have requirements in these or any other countries.

Due to the diverse nature of our advertisers and traffic providers we can provide traffic in any industry sector.

Our History

Founded in 2008, Jobg8 has deep roots within the Job Board industry. The founder of Jobg8, Robbie Cowling, started one of the first and most successful job sites in Europe in 1993. The senior management team at Jobg8 has over 60 years of combined Job Board experience on multiple continents and believes passionately about the value of the platform that they have created.

Jobg8 began as an email application provider and has progressed to become the leading CPC and CPA job network in the world. Our ethos is that job advertising should provide high quality, job seeker traffic and applicants and our advanced programmatic bidding systems ensures buyers pay the right price for the traffic they buy and partners who provide traffic are compensated in line with the quality of traffic produced, which in turn boosts performance.

Job Board Summits

From 2013 to 2020 Jobg8 ran the twice yearly and highly successful Job Board Summit events. These events were the European summit held in London and the North American summit held in various locations across the USA. In total Jobg8 held 14 live events and one virtual summit.

The aim of these events was to bring the main Job Boards together to understand what is happening in their industry and how it could impact their businesses. We provided insightful presentations, talks and workshops, with the overall goal of promoting new innovative ideas, exploring industry trends and encouraging best practices. The Jobg8 events provided the opportunities to create new face-to-face connections, interact with partners, and meet the leaders of tomorrow. Jobg8 is proud to have organised and been part of these events, and are pleased to have helped the Job Board delegates with their industry challenges and business development.

Details, presentation and videos of our last few events can be found here:

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