Power of Audio | Faye McDowall | The Job Board Summit Europe 2018
Faye talks about digital audio and increasing trends. Find out about the growing audiences listening to new content on new devices with emerging ad technology.

About Faye McDowall
As Digital Strategist at Global, Faye is responsible for identifying the role for connected audio in advertising plans.Global created DAX (Digital Audio Exchange) because there was no easy way for advertisers to reach the 26m (MIDAS Plus Autumn 2018) people listening to audio on connected devices every week. Faye works with advertisers to help them find the right audience, the right listening moment and insight into how new devices are changing the way listeners interact with brands. DAX gives advertisers a single buying point across 180 digital audio platforms including Soundcloud, Global’s Capital and Radio X, Bauer Media’s Kiss and podcasts including How Stuff Works and The Week.